PE 101A

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Product Description

PE 101A is a range of matt thermo-setting powder coating based on poly-ester TGIC with standard curing condi-tion. It has a excellent overall performance.

  • Excellent surface leveling
  • Very good mechanical properties
  • Good weathering resistance
  • Good corrosion resistance


  • Aluminum profile
  • Automotive wheels
  • Air conditioners
  • Lawn furniture
  • Light fixtures
  • Lawn and garden equipment
  • Electrical enclosures

Powder properties

Specific gravity

ASTM D5965

1.2-1.7 gr/cm3

Color and pattern


A wide range of color and pattern

Particle Size

laser particle size analyzer

Suitable for electrostatic spray

Shelf life


12 months

Theoretical Coverage

at 60 µm film thickness

9.8 –13.8 m2/Kg

Film properties

Film Thickness

ISO 2360

60-80 µm


ISO 2813 (°60)

≤ 30

Buchholz Hardness

ISO 2518

≥ 80

Direct Impact

ASTM D2794

25 N.m

Reverse Impact

ASTM D2794

25 N.m


ISO 2409 (2 mm Crosshatch)

Gt 0

Cupping test

ISO 1520

≥ 5 mm

Salt Spray

ASTM B117 (1000 hr )

Blistering < 1mm

Constant Humidity

ISO 6270-1 (1000 hr )

Blistering < 1mm

Accelerated weathering

ISO 11341 (700 hr)

Gloss retention ≥ 50 %

Bend test

ISO 1519

≤ 4mm


ISO 3231 (30 cycles)

No infiltration exceeding 1 mm

Machu test

Qualicoat 2.11

No infiltration exceeding 0.5 mm

Mortar resistance

ASTM D3260

No defects no detachment

Application Method

PEKACOAT PE 101A can be applied by electrostatic spray equipment which can provide a negative tension of 70-100 Kv (corona) and tribo guns (If the seventh character of code is T).

Cure Schedule

Metal T (°C)/ Time (min)
°C)/ 10 (min)           
°C)/ 13 (min)
180(°C)/ 15 (min)


The recommended optimum conditions for powder storage are:

  • emperature < 25°C
  • Relative humidity 50 - 65%
  • Away from direct sunlight

Health and Safety

Safety Phrases:

Do not breathe dust. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wear suitable protective clothing and eye/face protection.

Skin Contact:

If skin or hair contact occurs, immediately remove any contaminated clothing and wash skin and hair thoroughly with running water. If swelling, redness, blistering or irritation occurs seek medical assistance.

Eye Contact:

If in eyes, hold eyelids apart and flush the eye continuously with running water. Con-tinue flushing until advised to stop by a Poisons Information Centre or a doctor, or for at least 15 minutes.