Powder Coating Tests - Chemical and solvent resistance test


Powder coating tests - Chemical and solvent resistance test

Testing for durability

Chemical and solvent resistance test (MEK resistance by solvent rub)

Test standard: ASTM D4752

One of the means of measuring the cure of a coating can be its resistance to chemical solvents (such as MEK). When curing is complete, the coating will be resistant to 50 strokes of cotton soaked in MEK solvent, and will only partially lose its gloss. But in case the curing is not complete, the coating will turn soft and will be easily peeled off.

Moreover, considering that powder coatings are applied on parts that are in contact with various chemicals such as detergents, brake fluids and others, therefore by submersion and staining of coated parts with chemicals and solvents we can analyze the resistance of these coatings to chemicals like acids, alkalis, oxygenated water, detergents and etc. It is worth noting that each test has its own standards.


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