FBE for High Service Temperature - PEKA Pro HT 140

 08 June 2020   16:49
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FBE for high service temperature - PEKA Pro HT 140

If you need FBE for high service temperature up to 140°C, with excellent adhesion, long term cathodic disbonding resistance (28d, 95°C, -1.5V) and outstanding flexibility and impact even at -30°C, we recommend you PEKA Pro-HT series, especially PEKA Pro-HT 140.

Peka-Pro HT

Peka Chemie has introduced a new Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) technology Peka-Pro HT120 and Peka-Pro HT140. Peka-Pro HT protects oil and gas pipelines against corrosion while they operate at high temperatures.

Peka-Pro HT120 and Peka-Pro HT140 products are a one-part, heat curable thermosetting epoxy powder designed as a stand-alone or as the corrosion coating for a dual layer FBE and multilayer polyolefin system for the corrosion protection of pipe. These new FBE coatings have excellent thermal properties that protect natural gas and crude oil pipes against corrosion.

Peka-Pro HT120 and Peka-Pro HT140 can operate up to 115⁰C and 135⁰C respectively as a stand-alone coatings.