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Peka-Pro DL

Dual layer FBE was introduced to the market in 1999 as an alternative to multi-layer system for directional drilling applications. In the dual layer FBE system two stand-alone FBE are applied one after the other on steel pipelines in order to protect steel pipelines from corrosion, cathodic disbondment and mechanical damage arising from laying, handling, backfilling and horizontal drilling. Dual Layer FBE is much more effective than Single Layer FBE.

Peka-Pro DL as a top coat and Peka-Pro Pr as a primer together show outstanding cathodic disbondment resistance and mechanical performance in severe operating conditions.

Peka-Pro DL from PEKA CHEMIE includes 4 systems according to required application:

  • Peka-Pro DL-AR (Dual Layer Abrasion Resistance System)

Pipes are exposed to mechanical stress during handling and transportation. Peka-Pro DL-AR guaranties optimum protection during laying, handling, backfilling and horizontal drilling. Because of its special formulation, Peka-Pro DL-AR enjoys excellent abrasion and gouge resistance to pipelines. Peka-Pro DL-AR meets IGS-M-TP-026 and CSA Z245.20-10 system 2B requirements.

  • Peka-Pro DL-AS (Dual Layer Anti-Slip System)

In some projects concrete weight coatings are applied on coated pipes. To prevent slipping, an anti-slip coating as a second layer is applied to pipes. It improves bond strength between pipe and concrete weight coating by increasing friction.

Peka-Pro DL-AS as the external anti-slip coating along with Peka-Pro Pr as a primer ensure excellent cathodic disbondment resistance and anti-slip properties.

The Peka-Pro DL-AS system meets CSA Z245.20-10 system 2C requirement

  • Peka-Pro DL-UF (Dual Layer Ultra Flexible System)

During pipe laying some pipes should bend more than usual. Peka-Pro DL-UF as a second layer on Peka-Pro Pr certifies excellent flexibility even in high film thickness. Peka-Pro DL-UF provides flexibility (defined in CSA Z245.20-10 system 2A) beyond expectation.

  • Peka-Pro DL-UV (Dual Layer UV resistance System)

In some conditions pipes are not buried and are exposed to sunlight. Since Epoxy coatings will chalk fairly quickly when exposed directly to sunlight, the upper layer of pipe coating must resist UV degradation. Peka-Pro DL-UV applied as a third layer on dual layer system in order to prevent UV degradation of dual layer system under sunlight exposure. Peka-Pro DL-UV is a UV resistant polyester.