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Our Products
Peka Chemie: Powder Coating

PekaChemie is capable of manufacturing various powder coatings based on polyester, epoxy, hybrid (Epoxy-Polyester), polyurethane and acrylic resin bases. Our powder coatings are applied on metal substrates( Aluminum, Iron, Cast-Iron, galvanised) We have different gloss levels: glossy, semi-glossy, semi-matte, matte, and super-matte. There are various decorative effects for each powder coating such as sand texture, leather texture, antique, metallic. We also have special protective layers namely super-durable, anti-bacterial, Zinc-rich, metallic bonding, FBE, Rebar, etc. Our special protective layers enhance resistance and serve specific purposes.

Moreover, PekaChemie is the only manufacturer of Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) powder coatings in the Middle-East. These products are used to coat pipelines.






Product Categories Include:
Buildings and architecture
Powder coatings are highly resistant to weathering; they have a nice appearance and are durable.
Automotive parts
Since car accessories are exposed to sunlight and are vulnerable to various climate conditions.
Pipe coating and Rebar
Protection of the gas and oil pipelines is crucial.
Drinking water pipes
Coatings used in water pipes should be corrosion resistant and must not contaminate the water.
Heating and cooling equipments
One of largest consumptions of powder coatings is in the heating and cooling sector.
Farming machinery
Farming machinery are used outdoors and are directly exposed to sunlight,
Household appliances
Nowadays, a majority of household appliances are coated by powder coatings.
Lights and electricity industry
Powder coatings applied in such industry must have suitable mechanical characteristics and resistance to the passage of electrical currents.
Street furniture and Playthings
Street Furniture: Equipment installed along streets and roads for various purposes.