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Peka Chemie Industrial Co.
About Peka Chemie: Powder Coating

Peka Chemie Company was founded in March, 1995 with the aim of producing different kinds of industrial coatings; it started the researching and designing of electrostatic powder coatings in the following years of 1996 and 1997.

Having prepared and installed its production line machines and equipments in 1999, this company succeeded in trial production of coatings; and in the early 2000 began its mass production of different kinds of powder coatings.

Having different production lines and utilizing modern technology for producing powder coatings along with its meticulous planning and management, and execution of developing projects in various stages, this company has presently established itself as one of the biggest producers of this product in the region.

About Peka Chemie
Our Products:
Peka Chemie's Products: Powder Coating
Peka chemie is capable of manufacturing various coatings based on acrylic, polyurethane, hybrid, polyester and epoxy resins in standard tones; and also all standard coatings with ...